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Starting From Rs. 29 Lakh

Book Your Commercial Space in Ahmedabad's Largest Commercial Project

Located on Two Premium Location of Ahmedabad

(1) Ashram Road

(2) Shivranjani Cross Road 

✔️ Size Starting from 445 Sq. Feet to 10,000 Sq Feet.

✔️ Near By Landmark: - Patang Hotel & City Gold Multiplex for Ashram Road and Shivranjani Cross Road is own big Landmark in Ahmedabad

✔️ Awesome Opportunity for Investors. Because in Some outlets have pre-leased option.

✔️ In Pre-leased Option, For One Time Full payment,  Investor will get the Rent from Next Month Otherwise at the time of Possession, Preleased Option available, who made full payment till Possession (Option eligible for some Outlets)

✔️ Surprise Gift available for on the Spot Booking.

✔️ No Brokerage and Consulting Charges

Prime Location

Parking Space is Not A Problem

Parking is a subject of worry for people of Ahmedabad especially when they travel in private vehicles. But at this Project you as well as your visitors & employees will not have to think about this issue. 

As we have well designed Ground floor Parking and Basements with Stack Parking Facilities.

Usage Time vs Area Coverage

We spend only 20% time in Reception area, Waiting area, Meeting room, Conference room, Pantry, Storage area and Wash room where as it covers again almost 50% of office space


Reception Area

Everyone wants to have a lavish  reception area in their office, but everyone cannot afford to do so. Well, that’s why this project will offer a magnificent common reception area, from where one can place a call, receive a courier, get information on visitors etc.

This will also help in creating good impression on customers and suppliers without investing in reception.

Waiting Lounge

Most offices lack waiting lounge! 


Yes, that’s the reason why this project will have a spacious Waiting Lounge.

Customers, Suppliers or Visitors can have a pleasant time in Waiting Lounge till the time one decides to meet them in conference or in office.

Office Sizes 

Small, Medium and Large all kind of sizes made available under this concept of this project.
However, major office will be in the range of 375 to 900 sq. ft. By combining two or more units one can have medium or bigger size office space as per the requirements.

Conference & Meeting Rooms

Conference & Meeting rooms consume sizeable area in office. So, we will offer well equipped various sizes conference & meeting rooms at this project. These conference rooms can be booked as and when required. These rooms will have all necessary facilities such as Projector, Soft board, Telephone, Speaker, Multimedia Presentation Tools, etc.

Video Conferencing Facility

Need to stay in touch with your offshore teams? No need to invest in video conferencing equipment.

We will give access to video conferencing facility at a nominal rate so your money can be used somewhere else for better return on investment.

Cafeteria Facility

Canteen needs really big space and that is not affordable to small and medium size office owners. To overcome this limitations this project will have fully functional Cafeteria!
You can order food, treat your visitors or staff at this hangout place. The added advantage will be homely taste of breakfast, snacks and lunch. This way common use canteen will be a part of one’s office only. 

Further your employees will also have access to the tiffin eating area.

Recreation Facilities

Recreation is necessary in today’s stress filled corporate life. This project will have ample of options to rejuvenate employees of various offices by providing them access to various indoor games and entertainment equipment.

Gymnasium Facility

Who would not love to maintain good health conditions? But most of the time employees say they don’t get time for exercise. Well this project ensures this excuse gets eliminated by gymnasium facility. Employees can plan their workout and other deadlines simultaneously.

Stationery & Utility Supply

At this project office owners will not require to invest in capital goods such as Printer, Photocopy Machine, Scanner etc. because they will have access to all these equipment under common use concept. Further, there will be stationery shop inside the building itself so no need to go away for routine needs of stationery for office.

Happy to Help You

Happy to Help You Exclusive mobile app to stay connected with members.

Help desk to assist you in finding service person, book vehicle, co ordinate for third party services, etc
To support working mom special room for Ladies only.
First aid kit easily accessible to address any medical emergency.

Free Wi Fi in common area

Work Desk

This project will have few work desks as well. These work desk can serve the purpose of temporary office till the time one wants to operate from that particular point.
Such work stations will be equipped with computer, internet, intercom, etc and will be available on prepaid basis.

5 Tier Security

5 Tire Security with boom barrier & CCTV Surveillance in the building along with sufficient fire safety equipment. 

Certain areas of this project will be developed in a way so that they can be accessed by members only by ‘Access Control Card’.

Further, Electric Car charging station to go green.

Something Special Inside & Outside

Experience Column Free Offices, yes for maximum utilization of space, offices at this project are designed in a way so column will not be an obstacle.


You will be able to work in the open breeze and under the sky as well because the terrace at this project will not any ordinary terrace but it will be Landscaped Terrace.

Facility Management

Starting from welcoming your guest at common reception, waiting lounge, floors, stairs, railing, security, etc will be a part of our facility management. So every day you will have a pleasant experience for entire span of 10 years.

Contact Us

- Site Address -

For Site Address Call on 

- Our Office Address - 

Jay Mataji Real Estate,

Office No. D-158, Sneh Plaza Complex, Near I.O.C. Road, Chandkheda, Ahmedabad - 382 424.

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